Why Patients Choose to See a Mohs Surgeon

Mohs SurgeryAny amount of time in practice, and a physician learns how frightening it can be for a patient to hear the diagnosis of skin cancer. It doesn’t matter how large or small, the location, or the type, the initial response is one of stress and fear. What patients want to know, perhaps more than anything, is that they can be treated, and treated appropriately. There are a number of ways in which skin cancer can be approached, and there are good reasons why a patient will gravitate toward a physician who has been trained in the Mohs technique.

To date, there has been no other procedure for skin cancer removal and treatment that has been as successful as Mohs micrographic surgery. The process is meticulous and, to some extent, time consuming. However, the combination of systematic removal and examination elevates the level of patient care by providing peace of mind about the final outcome.

Mohs vs. Traditional Skin Cancer Therapy
Using the conventional method of excision, it is necessary to remove abnormal tissue using a “best estimate.” Examination of this tissue in the laboratory may take several days; and, it only analyzes 1- to 3-percent of the margins of that tissue. This leaves a chance for recurrence. The Mohs technique has been developed for minimal tissue removal and maximum evaluation of 100% of the target margins. Logically, the greater the extent of margin evaluation, the lower the chance of missing abnormal cells and, thus, the risk of recurrence.

Making the Most of your Time
Like the average dermatologist or Mohs surgeon, patients’ time is typically their greatest asset. Physicians who respect the desire for optimal care with minimal visits build trusting relationships with their patients. Obtaining the proper training in Mohs Micrographic Surgery as well as the full extent of closure techniques, a physician becomes better prepared to meet patients’ needs. From our experience, patients appreciate the fact that their skin cancer surgery can be completed in a single day. This eliminates the waiting they must endure to regain peace of mind regarding their health. It also greatly diminishes the likelihood that a follow-up surgery will be needed to remove cancer cells that were left behind in the initial procedure.

The American Society for Mohs Surgery has upcoming courses that can take you to a new level in your practice. For more information about education and membership, call  (714) 379-6262.

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