Does Insurance Cover Mohs Surgery?

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2024
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Mohs surgery
If your doctor has recommended Mohs surgery, you likely have some questions or concerns about the cost of treatment. We’ll help get you on the right track to finding the answers about treatment coverage options.

Does Insurance Cover Mohs Surgery?

The good news is that many insurance plans, including Medicare, cover Mohs surgery. Exactly how much coverage your plan offers can vary based on provider, plan, and several other factors. A few considerations that might affect your out-of-pocket expenses include:

  • Your diagnosis. If your doctor can confirm that Mohs surgery is medically necessary to treat your diagnosis, you should have a much easier time requesting coverage from your insurance.
  • Complexity. Each patient’s situation is different. In some cases, the number and complexity of the treatments you need may affect your total costs.
  • Your Doctor. You’ll generally enjoy better coverage by choosing an in-network doctor for your surgery. If one isn’t available, it’s worth contacting your insurance company for advice.

Finding the Right Treatment Option

Rather than digging through your files and attempting to locate your plan details, your best bet may be to call your insurance company. Your provider will be able to connect you with an advisor who can better explain your plan details and to what extent they provide coverage.

Providers often offer different coverage terms to patients. Even two different plans from the same provider can differ drastically. Reaching out to talk to a representative directly can go a long way toward avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Additionally, it’s worth discussing your concerns with your doctor. They should be able to direct you to in-network surgeons who can provide you with an estimate before your surgery.

Find a Surgeon Near You

Need help finding a surgeon near you? Utilize our surgeon locator tool to find a provider in your area. Your insurance company can also supply you with a list of surgeons covered by your insurance plan. At the American Society for Mohs Surgery in Peachtree Corners, GA, we understand that a skin cancer diagnosis can be stressful and worrisome. That’s why we provide you with answers to many of your most frequently asked questions. For further support, submit a contact form online or call 714-379-6262.

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