Why Mohs Surgery is the Best Option for Skin Cancer Removal

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2022
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Young woman visiting male doctor dermatologistMohs surgery is a type of skin cancer treatment that removes thin layers of cancerous tissue. The tissue is then examined under a microscope to determine if cancer has been completely removed.

This surgery is often used for large, aggressive cancers or difficult-to-treat areas. It is also the most effective skin cancer treatment, with a cure rate of 99%.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with skin cancer, Mohs surgery may be the best treatment option. Keep reading to learn more about this life-saving surgery!

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a type of skin cancer treatment designed to remove cancerous growths with high accuracy. The surgery takes its name after Dr. Frederic Mohs developed the technique in the 1930s.

During Mohs surgery, the doctor will remove thin layers of skin one at a time. Each layer is then examined under a microscope. If any cancer cells appear, another layer is removed and examined. This process continues until all of the cancerous cells are removed.

Mohs surgery works well for skin cancers that are difficult to treat, such as those that are large, have recurred, or arise in cosmetically sensitive areas. The surgery has a high success rate, allowing the doctor to remove the cancerous tissue while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible.

The Benefits of Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery has many advantages over traditional skin cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy. It is less invasive, cause less scarring, and has a higher cure rate. Discuss all the benefits with your doctor if you are considering Mohs surgery.

Why Mohs Surgery is the Best Option

When it comes to basal and squamous cell cancers, Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate: 98 percent. Standard excisions have a cure rate of about 93 to 95 percent.

Who is a Candidate for Mohs Surgery?

People with early-stage melanoma who have very recently been diagnosed with the disease are the best candidates for Mohs surgery. The treatment of melanoma can be much more complicated if it has spread from the skin to other organs.

Please call 714-379-6262 if you want more information about Mohs surgery as a treatment option for basal or squamous cell carcinoma.

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