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Mohs micrographic surgery Long Beach, CA“You’re getting warmer! Hot! Hot!” Do you remember playing the “Hot/Cold” game as a child? This fun pastime teaches us a critical lesson; that feedback is an important aspect of any practice. When we go it alone, we are essentially walking blind. The best of the best earn their stellar reputation not through talent alone, but through mentorship and consistent evaluation of performance. The successful Mohs surgeon falls directly into this category.

Feedback in medicine is typically understood to involve careful peer review. A fair amount of our learning as medical professionals comes from peer-reviewed articles. As surgeon’s though, there should be more. Mohs micrographic surgery is precise. It is meticulous, at least it should be. For the simple reason that we are human, there is a degree of risk that, as new skills are developed, small in discrepancies may occur. Seeing that performance directly affects patient outcomes, we want to avoid this as much as possible. Enter the American Society for Mohs Surgery Peer Review Program.

One of the objectives of the Peer Review Program is to reinforce consistency and diligence in the performance of Mohs surgery. While this is a requirement for new ASMS Fellow members, existing members may also be interested in the topic of peer review. We are, after all, always learning.

Aspects of Feedback that Facilitate High-Level Skill

Feedback comes in a variety of forms. The most useful feedback includes several key elements, such as:

  • In this instance, it is necessary to be mindful and open to your insight. Follow-up with patients after Mohs surgery should be thoughtful and thorough.  Listen to what the patient has to say, but also take the time to assess whether or not the outcome you both desired was achieved, and to what extent.
  • To know that we are providing patient care to the best of our abilities, we need to receive feedback that addresses the objective at hand. A simple pat on the back won’t do, here. We need to know, as healthcare providers, our level of performance on a scale and about the important aspects of treatment.

Well-managed, carefully planned feedback is intended to take a person from one level to the next. Learn more about our courses and Peer Review Program, and how all are designed to support you in patient care.

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