The Evolution of Mohs Surgery: From Discovery to Adoption

birthmark removal dermatologic surgery in aesthetic medical clinicSkin cancer is a prevalent form of cancer, and Mohs surgery is one of its most effective treatments. Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederic Mohs, the Mohs technique has undergone significant evolution and adoption by the dermatological community. In this blog post, we will examine the history of Mohs surgery, from its inception to its widespread use in treating skin cancer.

Mohs Surgery: Development of the Mohs Technique

While studying injectable irritants, Dr. Mohs discovered the Mohs technique to evaluate the live inflammatory response in transplantable rat cancers and normal tissue. Inadvertently, he found that a 20% zinc chloride solution caused tissue necrosis in the tumor and normal tissue. This discovery led to a method in which cancers could be excised under complete microscopic control. Long-term follow-up of Dr. Mohs’ patients demonstrated the effectiveness of the treatment.

Mohs Surgery: Dermatologists’ Adoption

Dermatologists enthusiastically adopted the Mohs technique as its primary practitioners, and training was initially conducted on an informal basis from the 1950s to the 1970s. In the 1980s, the American College of Chemosurgery began sponsoring post-residency fellowship training in Mohs surgery. Currently, all U.S. dermatology residency training programs are required to provide exposure to the Mohs technique, and residents receive extensive hands-on experience in the procedure.

Mohs Surgery Today

Today, Mohs surgery has gained a reputation as one of the most effective treatments for skin cancer, with high success rates and low recurrence rates. The technique involves the removal of cancerous tissue in stages, with each stage being examined under a microscope to ensure that all cancer cells have been removed. This process continues until only healthy tissue remains, completely eliminating the cancer.

The success of Mohs surgery in treating skin cancer has led to its widespread adoption by the medical community, and dermatologists and surgeons worldwide now offer it. Patients who undergo Mohs surgery often experience faster healing times and fewer complications than those who undergo other forms of skin cancer treatment.

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