Patients Are Seeking Mohs Specialists for Expert Care

Removal of benign tumors in Cosmetic salon. The use of liquid nitrogen in dermatology.It does not take long for a practicing dermatologist to realize how frightened patients feel when they receive a skin cancer diagnosis. Most discover this emotional aspect of clinical practice while still performing residency work or other clinicals. The fear a patient feels is related to the words “skin cancer” more than anything because, at the time of their diagnosis, they rarely have an understanding of the severity of their condition. This can allow the mind to go to the worst case scenario. It is at that time when a patient needs the reassurance of their doctor. It is at that time when experience counts. It is at that time when the Mohs Surgeon can alleviate fears quickly based on extensive training and professional memberships. 

The ASMS welcomes members from both Mohs Fellowship training and Residency training backgrounds. We have created an environment in which members can share their Mohs knowledge and experience with other dermatologists whose skin cancer training does not yet include the Mohs technique. It is our intention to pave the way for the extent of learning board-certified dermatologists need to fortify patient-centered care. 

Mohs vs. Traditional Skin Cancer Therapy

Many dermatologists have become aware of the precision of the Mohs micrographic surgical technique. As it compares to the traditional excision method of treating skin cancer, we could say that Mohs takes the guesswork out of treatment. This is precisely why more patients are searching for Mohs surgeons when they are diagnosed with skin cancer. They don’t want to rely on a “best estimate” of margins. They don’t want to wait several days to know if all cancerous cells were removed. They deserve to know that their tissue examination involved more than 1 to 3% of the margins of the provided specimen. Mohs supplies this for them, and for the treating physician. 

Meeting Patients’ Needs

Meeting patients’ needs is the center of medicine. Mohs fellowship training and ongoing education helps a physician achieve this. The American Society for Mohs Surgery assists board-certified dermatologists in their ongoing learning processes in several ways. In addition to establishing a more extensive professional network, our members expand their clinical skills through periodic courses on Mohs fundamentals and closure techniques. 

The American Society for Mohs Surgery is committed to the highest standards of patient care. For more information about education and membership, contact us at  (714) 379-6262.

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