Mohs Microscopic Reconstructive Surgery

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Dermatology Consultation ManEarly diagnosis and treatment of melanoma can rectify many cancer cases. Looking the other way only leads to more serious conditions spreading to and reaching your lymph nodes and other body organs. Melanoma treatment is conditioned on the stage and size of the cancer tumor. The success of Mohs surgery relies on an accurate assessment of each melanoma growth.

Mohs Microscopic Surgery

When melanoma has not started to grow and develop within the body, it is easily removable through a biopsy. Mohs microscopic surgery is a very precise and successful procedure for skin cancer removal.

To reduce a self-conscious appearance after melanoma removal, cancerous tissue is only removed in small sections during Mohs micrographic surgery. This lifesaving procedure also offers the potential of restoring your appearance using post-Mohs skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

Mohs Micrographic Reconstruction Surgery

Visible tumors and roots extending beneath the skin surface are removed. Many layers of skin can be affected by this procedure resulting in large wounds or scars. Fortunately, these post-Mohs surgery conditions can be repaired with reconstructive surgery by repairing the wound, diminishing scarring, and overall improving the appearance of the skin.

Candidates for Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

A high percentage of people who undergo Mohs cancer removal surgery need to have reconstructive surgery. Wounds or scars caused by skin cancer are assessed to determine a reconstructive surgery strategy with the goal of restoring a natural look.

If your cancer treatment is complete and you’re in good overall physical health, you should be considered a candidate for Mohs reconstructive surgery.

Skin cancer candidates for Mohs post-surgery reconstruction include those who have suffered from:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Nonmelanoma skin cancers
  • Squamous cell carcinoma

Reconstruction after melanoma surgery can be performed on the same day – or – later depending on the location, size, and extent beneath the skin the tumor lies.

Find a Surgeon Experienced in Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

Mohs micrographic reconstructive surgery has revolutionized the success rate of skin cancer treatment. We are proud to help cancer patients find a board-certified specialist practicing Mohs surgery. Contact us and check out our surgeon locator for a provider near you.

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