The ASMS Mission

Our Mission at The American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS) is to promote excellence in patient care through member education in cutaneous oncology, peer discussion, and patient advocacy.

By establishing high-quality programs, we focus on the latest advances in skin cancer training as well as provide member support in Mohs technician training, peer review for quality assurance/CLIA compliance, patient educational resources, and advocacy on a variety of Mohs practice issues. However, at the heart of all our programs are patients, as we prioritize safe, effective patient care as the main focus of our programs, educational training, and services.

We take pride in existing as a dynamic medical society that can provide our members the valuable education needed to achieve a deeper understanding of the Mohs technique in surgery. We strive to ensure our advocacy for increased education among members and medical professionals will, in turn, lead to excellent patient care.

In fulfillment of our Mission, we:

  • Provide educational training programs related to all aspects of cutaneous oncology to our members
  • Teach and perfect the Mohs technique to our members in training
  • Create an open environment for medical professionals to receive in-depth education and training regarding Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology
  • Protect patient interests relative to Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology
  • Provide expansive knowledge to patients regarding skin cancer and treatment
  • Advocate for patient education and care
  • Promote the highest standards in the care of skin cancer and Mohs surgery as an integral part of the practice of dermatology
  • Provide a variety of forums for the exchange of methodology in Mohs surgery and cutaneous oncology
  • Exist as a directory of resources for both patients and medical professionals involved in cutaneous oncology
  • Promote open communication, professional cooperation, and high ethical standards throughout the overall dermatologic community

As an established medical society comprised of over 1,000 dermatologists, pathologists, and Mohs technician members, we utilize the community and knowledge forged by the small group of dermatologists at our founding in 1990 to provide professional and educational support for skin cancer training to a growing number of Residency-trained Mohs surgeons all across the country.

ASMS creates an environment where Mohs Fellowship-trained and Residency-trained medical professionals can openly share their knowledge and previous first-hand experiences in the industry with other dermatologists dedicated to implementing the Mohs technique into their skin cancer training. By fostering a community of shared understanding, we place significant value on the importance of expanding newfound wisdom to medical professionals working on treating skin cancer, as well as providing patients and their loved ones with the knowledge, care, and professional medical advice needed to understand the complexities behind skin cancer.

With patients always at the center of our Mission, we believe that all patients should have equal accessibility to well-trained skin cancer specialists and Mohs providers. Our members are consistently involved in increasingly important contributions to patient health, from skin cancer screening to the application of surgical interventions, including Mohs micrographic surgery. To view our patient resources, click here.

How to get involved:

If you want to learn more about ASMS or become a member, contact us at 785-783-2070 or fill out our online contact form.

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