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Patient Resources

The American Society for Mohs surgery is pleased to provide patient education resources relative to the Mohs procedure.  Please review our Patient Education Brochure for an overview of this technique, how it is performed, and what to expect during and after surgery. The ASMS Patient Education Video is another excellent resource in terms of patient preparation for Mohs surgery.

Our Surgeon Locator will assist you in finding a Mohs surgeon in your area. If you encounter difficulty in using our Surgeon Locator, please contact the ASMS office for a list of members in your area. Please keep in mind that ASMS phone representatives are not trained medical professionals, and cannot answer specific medical questions. They also do not maintain current insurance plan information for each member, nor will they be able to make specific member recommendations. Patients will be instructed to contact individual members' offices for additional information and to schedule a consultation.


University of Michigan Mobile app - UMSkinCheckUniversity of Michigan Health System Helps Track Skin Cancer with Mobile App:

A new free app developed at the University of Michigan Health System allows users to create a photographic baseline of their skin and photograph suspicious moles or other skin lesions.  This mobile application walks the users step-by-step through a skin self-exam. The app, UMSkinCheck, sends automatic reminders so users can monitor changes to a skin lesion over time, and provides pictures of various types of skin cancers for comparisons. The app is designed for iPhone and iPad and is available to download on iTunes. 

See the app's full details Here. (

Download UMSkinCheck on iTunes.


Please feel free to use our other Patient Resources:

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